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Choose the right color for siding

The siding on your home is very important. Changing the color of your siding can not only have an impact on how you feel about your home, but on its value, too. Nothing frames your siding like color. Well selecting exterior house colors, meaning

Selecting exterior house colors is a difficult job and we strongly recommend first researches in your area to see how different home siding styles work before you make your decision.

Your home’s style may provide visual cues that you should listen to, when it comes to selecting siding colors.

Colors are separated into warm and cool tones, based on their position within the color spectrum. Warm color like: reds, yellows and oranges make up the warm side of the spectrum, whereas blues, purples and greens are cooler tones.

Warm colors evoke excitement and cool colors are relaxing and calming.

Customers frequently ask questions about how many colors they should use on the homes?

Typically traditional homes have three colors: body, trim and accent.

Keep in mind that there is an order to how you select your exterior house color.

First start with your roof; make sure the color of your siding goes with it. If your roofing material is dark, it may motivate you to consider a lighter siding color scheme; a more natural roof hue may allow more choices of exterior schemes.

Now let’s take a look at siding. They really have improved colors selection over the past few years along with addition of foam backing for energy efficiency.

Trim is last on the list and includes windows and door trims colors. Light windows frames that contrast with the siding make windows seem larger and make the impression of the interior as open and sunny.

Look for colors that align with your neighborhood or environment.

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