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Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen membranes are roofing sheets made of asphalt that has been modified with either rubber or plastic that offer greater stretch and flexibility. It’s installed in multiple plies, typically up to 3, creating a watertight system. Modified bitumen is often used as the cap sheet of a BUR roofing system. The fact that it reflects the sun allows it to cuts back on energy costs while being one of the more environmentally friendly flat roof options.
There are many reason as to why Modified Bitumen is such a common choice and here are a couple reasons why:
Most important:

  • Low cost.
  • Low maintenance and high durability.
  • Recyclable at end of useful life making it environment friendly.
  • Applied in overlapping rolls creating large seamless areas.
  • Provides better durability than a BUR with similar ease of installation like EPDM.
  • Factory applied mineral surfacing for consistent application.

Less complex to install than BUR saving labor and reducing installation error.
Polymer reinforced roof wear layer provides better elasticity and flexibility in low temperature.
As everything, Modified Bitumen comes with a few disadvantages that mainly concern the application process:

  • Overlapping joints must be correctly adhered to prevent​ a possible leak.
  • Extreme heat is needed to properly weld sheet seams, unless using cold-process adhesives which requires special safety considerations.

As you can see it’s a very reasonable choice but requires a professional team and a careful application. Call us and we will gladly provide you with both.

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